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The allure of sports isn’t defined only by the game. Its influence reaches beyond concrete jungles and country fields. The universal appeal of sports has an engulfing grip so powerful, and a realm so limitless that it shifts every facet of our world – entertainment, fashion, media, music, politics, technology, and more.

THE MAJORS sports summit is a one-of-a-kind curated immersive experience showcasing how sports shapes the world, our behaviors, and attitudes; led by the architects of the culture. 

Groundbreaking collaborations with industry influencers and game changers -- spotlighting diverse communities of young(ish) persons of color -- put these cross-sections into context through innovatively charged demonstrations, installations, presentation, thought-provoking discussions and more; disrupting and transforming the sports paradigm.


2017 Recap

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REGISTRATION | 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

THE DISCUSSION | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM





NEW YORK, NY 10001


The Story of OJ: Athletes and Social Activism

Moderator: Shana Renee Stephenson, THE MAJORS

Panelists: Adena Andrews (Bleacher Report) and Christina Tapper (Bleacher Report)

A discussion centered around sports activism and social change. It will explore what roles athletes and sports professionals play in challenging the status quo. When freedom of expression comes at a cost, is it worth risking it all?

Money, Power, Respect: Brands, Athletes and Money

Moderator: Ashley Blackwood, THE MAJORS

Panelists: Ramya Ravindran (National Basketball Players Association) and Donald Rouse (IMG)

A discussion focused on the money trail in the sports industry. Who makes it? How is it spent? And what are the best practices to gain clout and maximize influence.

The Motto: Marketing and Advertising 

Moderator: Asani Swaan (SAGE Business Group & Melo Enterprises)

Panelists: JR Duperrier (Adidas), Samir Hernandez (Nike), and Stanley Lumax (Translation)#Winning or #Epicfail... where do your favorite brands and athletes fall on the spectrum? And if that was your idea, speak up and explain how Sway, how? We will also get into metrics and how technology and #theculture keep the industry fresh.






It Goes Down in the DM: Digital and Social Media

Moderator: Shana Renee Stephenson (THE MAJORS)

Panelists: Chris Bernard (The Players' Tribune), Ese Ighedosa (NFL) and Ricardo Hazell (The Shadow League)

Who is putting out the best culturally significant content? What makes it good? And why didn't we think of that? This will be an exploration on how to produce authentic content, find your voice and make that left stroke go viral - by the industry's beasts... we mean best.

One Mic: The Art of Sports Storytelling

Film director Coodie Simmons discusses the evolution of sport storytelling through film in a one-on-one conversation with Shana Renee Stephenson.

the Immersion | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

Virtual Reality Exhibit presented by SAMSUNG

Photography Exhibit: "Claressa Shields Goes Pro" photographed by Anthony Geathers

* Continental Breakfast, Networking Lunch and Cocktail Reception